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pool bet
i was at the bar with some friends and i lost a bet in a game of pool. i had do dress up as a girl. i asked some girls there to help me. they said yes so we went into the girls bathroom. some girls brong some exstra cloths so i put them on and the did my make up and hair. my hair was allready long so they straitend it and gave me a purse to put my things in. when i came out my friends grabed me and picked me up. then they said ok girly tast it and a guy pulled it out and they put my head down there and then they said again if you want down suck it slut.  ( everyone )omg i cant belive he i mean she did that. lol
:iconsarasue420:sarasue420 77 10
online date
i was chating with this girl on the internet for some time. she said she was bisexual and i said it was ok. she gave me here street and i went over. she said she would have sex with me if she could dress me up. i said ok. then she said lets make this fun let me tie you up. i was like idk but she convinced me. then shes like im putting this ball gage in your mouth so you dont yell. why would i yell. omg she a shemale and its huge. help. ok bite on the ball gage. no mmmmm.
:iconsarasue420:sarasue420 124 17
i was spying on the girls dorm room with my video recorder. when one of the girls spoted me they grabed me and held me down. when they where done i ran to the bathroom and i say a blond bimbo staring back at me. then one of the girls said come back we got some strap on for you and the video camra is rolling.
:iconsarasue420:sarasue420 105 10
saying roung things
this is me and yes this is a guy. well i was at this bar when i got into a fight with this girl and i said that pink hoody and boots make you look sluty. well she got made and here boy freind came over. he hit me and nocked me out. i woke up later and i was whereing a pink hoody and black boots. the boots where filled with glue and the wig was to. my nails and make up where done. i had nothing under the hoody. but thats not all i woke up in a gay bar and this guy said im jake and your names lexi. that guy you pissed off told me everything now get over here for some fun. well i ran out the door and he went after me. i know im in a diffrent town and i found a good hideing spot on the beach. i hope he dose note find me. hello beautiful. eep
:iconsarasue420:sarasue420 73 2
beuty school practice
ok sis you can dress me up for practice for beuty school. all done go look. wow sis i look great. ya. sis why cant this lipstick come off. because its lip stane. ding dong. o good your dates here. what you mean my date. well if he dose note know your a guy to night i did a good job but if he finds out i will have to try again. so dont let him know. come in mike shes all ready. hi whats your name. im lexi. bye you to dont stay out to late.
:iconsarasue420:sarasue420 69 2
forced fem
mike: why are you made tim i mean lexi.
tim: you know dame well why im made you and jim and some girls held me down and glued all this on me.
mike: dont be made lets play a game
tim: why would i want to play a game
mike: because i have pics of you and you dont want the school to find out emo.
tim: fine what game.
mike: its called sucked dry
tim: put that away im not doing it
jim: yes you are( as he grabs tim )
tim: no no no
mike: :)
:iconsarasue420:sarasue420 67 6
makeover by sarasue420 makeover :iconsarasue420:sarasue420 201 8
sex change blackmail
thanks jon i allways wanted to be a lesbian. i cant belive that you payed for my sexchange i love how you made me look. wait i ow you. no im not being your girlfriend and no im not going on a date. yes you have to tim or should i say lexi or ill show everyone the bill for your sexchange and i can cancel the cheack for it and you will have to pay. lexi say what dress should i where pink or red. pink and you have to do all the things girls do for there boy friends like kiss, hug, sit together and sex. no i will not. ok im calling sara. no plz ok i will. smile ( flash ) there i have a pic of a happy girl ready for a date.
:iconsarasue420:sarasue420 148 11
web history sucks
o sara im glade to see you. i just woke up dressed like this in the middle of nowhere. what did you sat you did this. what i have to do what? no im not giveing blowjobs so you can make money. who say my web history and you printed it. ok ill get to woke. hi ansome want some fun.
:iconsarasue420:sarasue420 69 5
sisters in charge by sarasue420 sisters in charge :iconsarasue420:sarasue420 833 35 drag party to soon by sarasue420 drag party to soon :iconsarasue420:sarasue420 376 7 roung bar by sarasue420 roung bar :iconsarasue420:sarasue420 319 15 watch what you say by sarasue420 watch what you say :iconsarasue420:sarasue420 350 8 bimbo wig by sarasue420 bimbo wig :iconsarasue420:sarasue420 446 19 beuty school by sarasue420 beuty school :iconsarasue420:sarasue420 590 22 webcams on by sarasue420 webcams on :iconsarasue420:sarasue420 44 1


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